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Saturday, 3 July 2010

lagi pasal bbq

  • Cooking technique: Create your “hot spots”: high, medium and low, to brown meat, cook evenly and keep warm. For charcoal barbecues, the more coals the hotter the part of the grill. For large joints, use the “indirect cooking” approach: when food is cooked next to the fire, not directly over it. Have charcoal on the left and right on a rectangular grill, with a gap in the middle so you cook the meat thoroughly without burning. For thinner cuts, cook directly over the heat. With gas, create hot and cold areas by turning the burners to hot, medium or low.
  • The classic mistake is allowing food to stick to the barbecue. To avoid this, use a wire brush (above) to clean the grill after you have removed a piece of food and an oily rag to rub the rack each time you put on food.
  • Keep it moist Spray meat with water or keep a metal container half-full of water next to the coals to give off steam.
  • Ask your butcher to prepare specific cuts of meat.
  • Indispensable tools: long-handled utensils; a carving knife; thong.
  • Gas v charcoal? Purists prefer charcoal for smell and flavour, although gas fans argue that flavour bars in some models do just the trick.