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Thursday, 27 October 2011

makanan ber kolestrol tinggi bukan saja merosakkan jantung, tapi ......

bila makan bercheese  dan berkrim berpada pada laaa..jgn ikut tekak sangat... jaga lah kesihatan.. kalau medical free tak pela.. kalau tak keja gomen, sapa nak bayar..bil ubatan dan spital..
baca lah kisah di bawah, bukan setakat cheese aja, makanan berlemak saturated/tepu dan berkolestrol tinggi perlu dielakkan...

My love of cheese nearly cost me my leg: Why high cholesterol doesn't just damage your heart

ditulis oleh : Lucy Elkins:

Digging in his garden last summer, Paul Phillips felt an ache in his right calf.

Dismissing this as nothing more than over-exertion he carried on, but just 12 hours later the delivery driver was in Frimley Park Hospital, Surrey, as doctors battled to save his leg.

‘It was a huge shock because my leg had felt fine up until then — it was throbbing, but I wouldn’t describe it as particularly painful,’ says Paul, 58, from Weybridge, Surrey.

‘I went to bed as normal, but in the early hours of the morning I woke up because the pain had become more intense and my foot and leg had started turning a dark colour.

'By the time my wife got me to hospital, my leg was going black and the doctors were warning me they might need to amputate it.’

Paul was suffering from a common condition called peripheral arterial disease (PAD), where cholesterol furs up the arteries in the legs, blocking off the blood supply.

Most people know high cholesterol can clog up the arteries to the heart, but less well known is the fact that it can clog up the blood vessels anywhere in the body — with the legs particularly vulnerable.

If left untreated, the arteries become increasingly blocked. The tissue is starved of blood and starts to die, leading to leg ulcers — or, as in Paul’s case, the build-up of fat triggers a blood clot that blocks the artery.

The disease becomes more common with age — it’s thought one person in five over the age of 65 in Britain has it to some degree.

Risk factors include high blood pressure, smoking and high cholesterol levels — men over 60 are most commonly affected.

‘Everyone who has prolonged periods of high blood cholesterol levels will have some degree of PAD,’ says Ian Loftus, consultant vascular surgeon at St George’s Hospital, Tooting, South London.

While not life-threatening in itself, those with the condition normally also have blockages in the arteries elsewhere in the body, such as the head and brain, so are at increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

The problem is that peripheral arterial disease often causes no symptoms — up to two-thirds of those affected have no warning signs.

When it does cause symptoms, such as leg pain, it tends to be dismissed as just a pulled muscle — as was the case for Paul, who is married to Sandy, 55, and has three grown-up children.

He says: ‘For 24 hours it was touch and go as to whether I would lose my right leg because there was virtually no blood going in or out of it.

‘Finally, after almost two days of flushing clot-busting drugs through my leg, there was a bit of blood moving through.’

Cholesterol causes problems in other parts of the body apart from the heart, brain and legs

Once some of the blood supply had been restored, surgeons removed the furred-up artery running from Paul’s groin to his knee and replaced it with a vein from another part of his leg.

Doctors told Paul, who is also a former smoker, that his high-fat diet had been largely to blame — particularly his love of cheese.

‘It was a real wake-up call for me — I had no idea cholesterol could do something like this.

'Before all this, my favourite food was cheese — I’d eat a large chunk every day. And I lived on takeaways. I was overweight — at 5 ft 10in, I weighed 15st — though I’d never had my cholesterol checked.

‘I have since been put on statins to bring down my cholesterol levels and follow a low-fat diet, with cereal for breakfast, and chicken or mackerel and salad for lunch.’

Patrick Chong, a consultant vascular surgeon at The Surrey Vascular Group Network and Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, says he is surprised how few people have heard of peripheral arterial disease, considering how common it is and how severe complications can be.

‘It’s a bit of a Cinderella condition. Information about it is often eclipsed by heart attack or stroke awareness campaigns.

'An early diagnosis allows doctors to implement lifestyle changes, such as exercise and diet, and use medical treatments, such as statins, to reduce long-term risks of heart attack and stroke.’

Peripheral arterial disease can be diagnosed by taking blood pressure in the arm and the ankle — if the pressure is much lower in the leg, it is a sign not as much blood is getting through.

‘There is some discussion that GPs should do this routinely as a form of screening because it is easy to do,’ says Mr Loftus.

The first treatment option is statins.

‘This has been found to help prevent the condition getting worse even when people do not have high cholesterol,’ he adds.

When little blood is getting through, surgeons insert a balloon into the vein and inflate it, which helps clear the blockage.

Another option — the one Paul underwent — involves using a vein to bypass the clogged artery.

Yet, still, in around 5 per cent of cases, the leg has to be amputated because blood supply is so reduced that the tissue dies.

‘Some people can have minor hardening but intense symptoms and vice-versa, but it’s unclear why,’ says Mr Loftus.

Cholesterol causes problems in other parts of the body apart from the heart, brain and legs. Fatty deposits can fur up the blood vessels to the penis, making it difficult to achieve an erection.

‘This problem is under-reported and under-diagnosed because men are often too embarrassed to seek help,’ says Mr Loftus.

Cholesterol may also increase the risk of dementia. A study has found that even moderately increased levels of cholesterol in middle life increased the risk of dementia. But Dr Simon Ridley, of Alzheimer’s Research UK, is cautious about this claim.

‘A study published since found people with Alzheimer’s who were given a form of statin showed no improvement,’ he says.

However, other studies have found that the Mediterranean diet — low in cholesterol and saturated fat — might have some protective effects against dementia.

Meanwhile, Paul, who learned his lesson the hard way, now steers clear of high-fat food.

‘Of course I miss cheese, but I’d miss my leg more,’ he says.

article dari dmail with thanks.

Monday, 24 October 2011

kedudukan dengan tanggungjawab yang berat... sanggupkah anda?

Semua position yang tertinggi adalah tanggungjawab yang berat. Tapi selalunya, ada yang tak layak dapat position  tersebut, kerana dapat sebab paksedara menteri lah, dah tu senegeri lak tu...seasal dari sama kampung, gua, hutan, rimau, sama clan  dsbnya... Sudah tu kalau ada kegagalan, ok aja, pindah tempat lain naik lagi tinggi pangkat, dapat title anugrah sana sini, apa kesah...

cuba lihat artikel dibawah petikan dari yahoo news, dimana yang dipanggil 'pakar' didalam bidang dan berpangkat dan berstatus tinggi, didakwa dimahkamah kerana gagal mengesan amaran tanda tanda gempa bumi..
SERTA mereka memberi jaminan palsu sebelum gegaran 6.3 richter scale berlaku....

Sapa yang berkerja di negara ni yang berpangkat tinggi dan bergelaran 'pakar'  kena hati hati lah ya...

A group of Italian earthquake experts went on trial Tuesday after failing to predict an earthquake that killed hundreds of people.

Six seismologists and a government official were charged last year with manslaughter for giving a false reassuring statement before a 6.3 magnitude quake struck the mountainous city of L’Aquila.

The group are also accused of failing to communicate clear warnings before the lethal quake left 309 inhabitants dead in the central province of Abruzzo in April 2009.

According to the indictment filed last May, the seven are suspected of “negligence and imprudence... of having provided an approximative, generic and ineffective assessment of seismic activity risks as well as incomplete, imprecise and contradictory information.”

The scientific community has come out in support of the seven defendants with 5,000 people signing a petition to Italian President Giorgio Napolitano condemning the action - maintaining that it is impossible to accurately predict the timing and severity of a tremor.

One of the defendant’s lawyers Alfredo Biondi said: “This is a trial which opens on very shaky foundations. You cannot put science on trial.”

The area had suffered 400 tremors in the six months leading up to the event, and the scientists were part of a government panel which met six days prior to the deadly quake to assess the level of danger.

They concluded it was not possible to predict whether the activity was a prelude to a stronger quake.

Dr Wayne Richardson, a senior seismologist from the International Seismological Centre told Yahoo! News today that earthquake prediction is a difficult task.

He said: “It’s hard to make predictions if there is no certainty. Earthquakes don’t happen very often in many places. You can’t make one-off predictions as it would cause all sorts of economic problems.”

He added that scientists were fair in making the statement that it wasn’t possible to predict when an earthquake would happen.

Julio Selvaggi, director of the National Center for Earthquakes, is one of the defendants on trial in Italy.

Top geophysicists, including Enzo Boschi, the former president of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology; Giulio Selvaggi, the director of the National Earthquake Centre in Rome; and Claudio Eva, a physics professor at the University of Genoa now face 15 months in jail as well as damages of 50m euros (£45m).

Vincenzo Vittorini, a doctor who founded the association named ‘309 martyrs’ and lost his wife and daughter in the natural disaster, said: “I hope that this trial will change mindsets and will lead to greater attention given to communication on risks.”

“No one expected to be told the exact time of the quake. We just wanted to be warned that we were sitting on a bomb.”



Using a mobile phone does not increase the risk of brain cancer, claim scientists.

Research into cancer rates of one of the largest groups of mobile phone users ever studied found no difference compared with people who did not use them.

It is the second major study this year to rule out any change in rates of the disease - despite more than 70 million mobile phones being used in the UK.

They studied the whole Danish population aged over 30 and born in Denmark after 1925 by gathering information on subscribers to mobile phones from the Danish phone network operators and from the Danish Cancer Register.

They analysed data of 10,729 central nervous system tumours between 1990 and 2007, says a report in (the online site of the British Medical Journal).

When the figures were restricted to people with the longest use of mobile phones – 13 years or more – the cancer rates were almost the same as that among non-subscribers.

There have been fears that cancer could be triggered by the brain's exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile handsets held to the ear

The researchers said they observed no overall increased risk for tumours of the central nervous system or for all cancers combined in mobile phone users.

There have been fears that cancer could be triggered by the brain's exposure to electromagnetic radiation emitted from mobile handsets held to the ear.

But the researchers said they observed no overall increased risk for tumours of the central nervous system or for all cancers combined in mobile phone users.

The authors said: 'The extended follow-up allowed us to investigate effects in people who had used mobile phones for 10 years or more, and this long-term use was not associated with higher risks of cancer.

'However, as a small to moderate increase in risk for subgroups of heavy users or after even longer induction periods than 10-15 years cannot be ruled out, further studies with large study populations, where the potential for misclassification of exposure and selection bias is minimised, are warranted.'

Mobile phone mast: Researchers said they observed no overall increased risk for tumours of the central nervous system or for all cancers combined in mobile phone users

Professor Malcolm Sperrin, Director of Medical Physics at Royal Berkshire Hospital, and Fellow of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, said: 'This study is very large in terms of the number of people involved, is large in terms of the number of usage of the phones and also has a random nature being based on the purchase of a telephone contract rather than being a sub-group.

'The findings clearly reveal that there is no additional overall risk of developing a cancer in the brain although there does seem to be some minor, and not statistically significant, variations in the type of cancer.

'This paper supports most other reports which do not find any detrimental effects of phone use under normal exposures.'

Earlier this year Manchester University researchers found no statistically significant change in rates of newly diagnosed brain cancers in England between 1998 and 2007, saying it was unlikely 'we are on the forefront of a brain cancer epidemic'.

But other scientists disagree, saying the Danish study excluded business users and included as non-users people who began using mobiles later on.

Denis Henshaw, Emeritus Professor of Human Radiation Effects, Bristol University said the study was 'worthless', and the researchers themselves admitted non-users may have been misclassified which would bias the findings.

He said: 'This seriously flawed study misleads the public and decision makers about the safety of mobile phone use.'

Vicky Fobel, director of MobileWise, a charity advising on mobile phone and health, said: 'All this shows that this study and the press release promoting its findings are misleading the public by implying that phone users have the all clear.

'The study only looked at short-term use of mobile phones and by mis-analysing the data has massively underestimated the risks. All the other studies that have looked at the long-term risks have found a link between phone use and brain tumours.

'This study gives false reassurance and distracts us from the important job of helping the public, especially children, to cut the risk from mobiles.'

Artikel  dari dmall with thanks :written by :JennyHope:

Cerita pak kaduk adalah contoh cerita yang memberi pesan...dan ingatan...

Ingat tak cerita pak kaduk dan mak kaduk? Pada zaman dulu seorang yang dizaman ini dipanggil simple mind(bukan bodoh dan bukan lah pandai..)

Dipendekkan cerita pak kaduk nak pergi bersabung ayam..jika menang dapat duit dari raja .(Seorang yang berkuasa autokratik di zaman dulu).

Tapi kerana terlalu simple  akal dan short term thinking pakkaduk ,  yang nak sangat menang  bersabung, beliau sanggup menerima cadangan raja menukar ayamnya dengan ayam rajakapur tersebut..

Apabila ayam kepunyaan raja tadi mati pakkaduk meloncat loncat kegembiraan.. beliau terlalu gembira hingga kan terlupa perjanjian pertukaran ayam sbungnya dan milik raja tadi..hingga baju kertas tadi terkoyak.. lalu berlari lah beliau kerana malu ditertawakan oleh semua..
Lalu dikatakan kesian pak kaduk ayam menang bersabung tapi kampung nya tergadai didalam pertaruhan.

zaman sekarang yang semua orang serba maju dan berbudaya. Ada yang tak reti speaking pun sekarang ayat ayat irrelevant menjadi relevant..
Semua orang pandai cakap politik, walau fakta sejarah yang sebenar benarnya berlaku atau pengajaran sejarah tidak dapat mengawal mereka mereka dari memikirkan adakah setiap perbuatan akan meruntuhkan kekuatan bangsa apatah lagi ugama dan negara. In kerana kekurangan dan kelemahan berfikir secara mendalam dan berpandangan jauh. Tidak kira la mereka ber ijazah ke  lulusan tengah timur, barat timur ... bila kegilaan menguasai emosi pemikiran yang waras lagi bernas makin kurang penting buat tempoh ini, janji bising buat bising buka pekong didada..
Lengah tu pembankang pembengkok pembungkang segala pehak sama saja...
semua kata amalkan amalan ber-sin tapi, pol itik yang diamal kan sama aja... bapa, anak, bini, sedara sepusat sepusing, suku sakat dan kawan kawan...

Yang dah mengaruk nak kan kuasa mamak bendahara sanggup minta bantuan luar juga.. kalau berlaku..habis la.. jadilah org kita macam org kampung seberang selat, dianak tiri dan dipinggirkan. Jurang kaya makin bertambah kaya, yang miskin papa kedana...yang memberi bantuan dari luar sudah tentu mahu keuntungan...

 fikirkan lah.. apa yang dibentuk  dan asas didalam negara dah elok, cuma masalahnya adalah banyak lebihn lemak dan sisa sisa toksik terhasil oleh pembnagkang, pembongkang dan pembengkok.. mereka ini sama derajatnya..
Takperlu lah kelambu, dan asas negara di bakar..insaf lahh ..

Budaya kita suka terikut ikut dgn budaya arab.. takperlu diikut budaya arab.. kita ada buadya kita dan amalan ugama yng berasaskan Al Quran. Tidak perlu di ikut budaya arab yang memang ugama Islam diturunkan kerana sifat mereka yang sukar dan emosional. etc etc....
Memang mereka terlalu emosi bila bercakap pasal politik, tapi ingat mereka telah menerima bantuan yg dipinta dari luar.. Duit dah dibelanjakan hancurkan segala  infrastruktur dan bangunan dsbnya, maka sudah tiba kena bayar balik dan hak berniaga di beri pada sumber yang invest bilions utk jahanamkan infrastruktur . Tunggulah bila beberapa tahun, keadaan macam tu juga, sumber bantuan akan cakap duit dah diberi, jadi hasil mestilah ditarik keluar negera.. Rakyat akan mula terasa sempit dan malah getir  menjalani kehidupan...

Masa tu akan berlaku lagi kecoh kerana keadaan baik sebentar dan balik kepada keadaan dulu.. kerana perniagaan besar, telaga emas hitam, dan pelbagai sektor dikuasai oleh milik luar..

Kalau anda ingat sejarah kedah? Bagai mana Plau Pinang di ambil dari milik Kedah?  kalau taktahu cari sejarah di arkib dan buat counter research di sumber lain buku sejarah.

Banyak lagi bentuk "bantuan luar" ini telah berlaku dizaman pak kaduk lagi .. cuma ianya sekarang berulang di negara tengah timur yg orang kita amat sanjungi...
dibumi kita yang menerima dan mendapat bantuan dari sumber luar tidak peduli jika penguasaan luar masuk dan hasil mahsul ditarik keluar, sebab dia tak pikir semua tu.. janji dapat jadi mamak bendahara..tu aja ..lain lain irrelevant..
Jadi sahabat bangsaku, apa pun pahaman dan pemikiran ingat lah satu, bersatu teguh bercerai roboh.. habisla...
Semua orang pandai cakap apa lagi borak pasal segala dunia.. Hebat. Ada yang sanggup menjadi seperti pak kaduk.. hanya pertaruhan adalah bangs a dan negara demi kuasa atas dunia ini. Tidak kisahlah yang pembengkang atau pembengkok sama saja darjatnya...

Kita semua leka dan nak senang tanpa mempelajari fakta sejarah didunia yang berlaku dan berulang kali berlaku.. kalau tahu pun masuk telinga kiri keluar kanan...tak ada teladan dapat di ikuti dari sejarah ini ..

Jika baca berita di internet pasal keadaan negara rakan seugama kita, banyak kita perlu lihat dan jadikan contoh bila yang mulanya tinpot punya pemimpin pembengkok beriya iya memperjuangkan kononnya   "tunjuk krasi", kemudian hanyut kerana menaikkan anak beranak, bini , sedara ipar duai, kawan kawan sampai mereka lupa tanggungjawab yang sebenar..

Yang pembangakang yang tidak mengetahui bagaimana hendak buat apa, guna apa saja means tanpa mengambil kira dan mengambil serta mempergunakan emosi serta keadaan, lalu rakyat yang agak lurus juga ditarik sama didalam kancah percaturan politik mereka.

Lalu langkah yang diambil oleh pembengkang pembengkok melemahkan dasar dalaman negara.  Pembengkok lalu mencari bantuan luar nak menang perang kuasa. Akhirnya tergadai la.. negaranya..

Setelah beberapa ketika burung besi menjatuhkan bahan bahan buangannya kononnya atas dasar tunjuk krasi .. dan orang awam yang masih kurang arif selok belok akibat campurtangan ini bergembira...
Mereka tak tahu.. bak kata org pandai"no such thing as free lunch".. maknanya.. orang tidak akan membantu dengan percuma, semuanya mempunyai sebab...dan mahukan sesuatu..

Mereka nakkan pulangan hasil dan kewangan serta perniagaan milik mereka..
Sekarang tinpot dah dihancurkan, tapi ....bila tengahari keluar di media cetak mereka "pertolongan mereka" perlu dibayar balik segera.. yang arif semua pasti sedari  berupa hak gali emas hitam... dsbnya....

contoh terdekat with thanks dmail from tenet

diambil dari dmall with thanks..

Yang dah hidup senang dinegara kita jangan lupa hari senang, jgn robohkan negara ..sebab esok lusa belum tahu dapur berasap dan merempat di bumi sendiri.. "bumi dipijak milik orang"..

Pernah tak kita dengar yang pembongkang macam panah tu mengutuk kaum mereka dari kumpulan parti  yang lagi satu?
Mereka tidak memburukkan sesama mereka di khalayak ramai..

Sudah tiba yang bertitle org alim atau org tak alim perlu lah cakap baik baik bahasa dan takpayah buat kenyataan memalukan igama dan bangsa.. kalau rasa dah time duduk kat rumah pencen la.. semua

Dan yang kurang arif, dah rajin kat tenet ni, buka lah arkib sejarah dan ruangan yang menulis sejarah, baca dan cari lah sejarah asal sesuatu negara dan dunia... Jangan main ikut macam kerbau ditindik hidung...

Lain lain benda- thai kena banjir.. siap la harga beras naik lagi nampaknya.. jangan bazir beras..

Akhir sekali selamat hari raya kurban...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

makna "blind faith"

"Blind faith"..........

berkaitan dengan semua.....

Fikirkan......"blind faith"... 

Monday, 19 September 2011

salah satu simtom kolestrol dan berkaitan dgn hal kesihatan jantung dsnya

warna kuning di bawah mata...berkaitan dgn kolestrol yg tinggi dan perlu mendapatkan rawatan kerana ianya berkaitan dgn jantung...dan pemakanan..

pergi jumpa dr ...dapatkan bantuan...


::Yellow marking in the skin around the eyes can be a sign of heart disease, according to scientists.::

A study of almost 13,000 people found people with the patches, known as xanthelasmata, were more likely have a heart attack or die within 10 years.

The spots are deposits of cholesterol which are soft and painless. They don't interfere with vision and people often get them treated at a dermatologist.

The yellow markings (seen just above and below the corner of the eye) are deposits of cholesterol

However, people with xanthelasma should go to their doctor as well, according to the research published online in the British Medical Journal.

The heart disease link was most acute in men aged between 70 and 79. Those with xanthelasmata were 12 per cent more at risk than others without the condition. The corresponding risk for women in this group was eight per cent.

However, the raised yellow patches around the eyelids was a more reliable sign of heart disease in women because of their lower overall risk.

Professor Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, of the University of Copenhagen, said: 'The prevalence of xanthelasmata was similar in women and men.

'However, presence of xanthelasmata was a slightly better predictor of heart attack and heart disease in women than in men, and in those aged under 55 years compared with those aged 55 and over.

'This might be explained by the fact that male sex and age are both well known risk factors for heart attack and heart disease, so the presence of xanthelasmata just adds to this predetermined risk in men and in older people.

'In women, who have a smaller inherent risk of developing heart attack and heart disease, presence of xanthelasmata has a correspondingly larger predictive value.'


Yellow flat plaques over the upper or lower eyelids, most often near the inner part of the eye.

They are more common in women and men in their 40s and 50s.

Around half of the cases are linked with higher than average cholesterol levels.

Patients with the yellow marks should have their plasma lipid (fat) levels checked. If they are high doctors will recommend lifestyle changes and possibly prescribe lipid lowering drugs.

The lesions should not cause any physical discomfort and can be left alone unless the patient wishes them removed for cosmetic reasons. However, 40 per cent will recur after treatment.

They said their results 'clearly establish for the first time that people with xanthelasmata have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.'

The study also found white or grey rings around the cornea, known medically as arcus corneae, are not linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Previous research has established that both xanthelasmata and arcus corneae are deposits of cholesterol. But about half of those who have either or both conditions will not test positively for high cholesterol in a blood test.

Prof Tybjaerg-Hansen’s team followed 12,745 individuals from 1976 until May 2009 who had all participated in the Copenhagen City Heart Study. They were aged between 20 and 93 and were free of heart disease when the project began.

In all age groups for both men and women, the risk of having a heart attack, developing heart disease or dying within a 10-year period increased in individuals with xanthelasmata.

This increased risk is independent of other well-known risk factors such as gender, smoking, obesity or high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

The researchers said the presence of xanthelasmata could help clinicians when they diagnose heart disease and associated conditions.

And they said that their findings 'could be of particular value in societies where access to laboratory facilities and thus lipid profile measurement is difficult.'::

air kosong....

Air adalah cecair yang penting untuk kehidupan setiap hari....air bukan coke atau fanta etc....

Article from Dmail with thanks

-Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks significantly reduces risk of diabetes-

-Diabetes can increase risk of heart disease five-fold-

Aricle written by:By Claire Bates:

:Drinking water instead of fizzy drinks could dramatically reduce your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes, scientists say.

Researchers from Harvard University are presenting new evidence which shows replacing sugar-sweetened drinks with water can lead to weight loss and help reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes by seven per cent.

Professor Frank Hu, from the Harvard School of Public Health, said: 'There is convincing evidence that regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of obesity and diabetes, and emerging evidence that these beverages increase the risk for heart disease.

'To reduce risk of obesity and cardiometabolic diseases, it is important to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and replace them with healthier choices such as water and unsweetened tea or coffee.'

More than 2.8 million people in the UK have the chronic condition of diabetes, while another one million have it without realising, according to NHS figures.

People who develop the Type 2 condition lose the ability to break down glucose into energy, which causes blood-sugar levels to rise.

The immediate symptoms of hyperglycaemia include feeling thirsty and drowsy. It can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, which can eventually cause unconsciousness and even death.

Diabetes raises the risk of heart disease by up to five times. Over time it can cause sight problems and nerve damage leading to foot ulcers.

Patients are encouraged to exercise more and eat a healthier diet to help control the condition.

Diabetes UK says 10 per cent of total NHS spending goes towards treating the condition and its complications.

More than 2.8 million people in the UK have the chronic condition of diabetes, while another one million have it without realising, according to NHS figures.

People who develop the Type 2 condition lose the ability to break down glucose into energy, which causes blood-sugar levels to rise.

The immediate symptoms of hyperglycaemia include feeling thirsty and drowsy. It can lead to diabetic ketoacidosis, which can eventually cause unconsciousness and even death.

Diabetes raises the risk of heart disease by up to five times. Over time it can cause sight problems and nerve damage leading to foot ulcers.

Patients are encouraged to exercise more and eat a healthier diet to help control the condition.

The International Chair on Cardiometabolic Risk (ICCR), which conducted the research, says more than 100,000 people are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every year, with 26 million Brits projected to be obese by 2030.

ICCR scientific director, Dr Jean-Pierre Despres said: 'The epidemic prevalence achieved by abdominal obesity can be explained by our sedentary lifestyle and poor nutritional habits, among which an overconsumption of sugar-sweetened beverages plays a significant role.

'Until recently, these beverages have escaped the scrutiny that low-quality foods have received, but as our research shows, this certainly should not be the case.'

Kinvara Carey, general manager at the Natural Hydration Council, said: 'With the rising concern about obesity rates, it is useful to remind people of simple steps that can help us all towards a healthier lifestyle.

'Taking notice of what we drink can be just as important as watching what we eat. Water is the only liquid our bodies need to hydrate. It contains no calories or other added ingredients and, as such, is one of the healthiest ways to hydrate.'

The findings were published today at the Sustaining the Blue Planet: Global Water Education Conference in Montana, USA.

A British Soft Drinks Association spokesman said: 'The cause of obesity and Type 2 diabetes is an excess of calories in the diet over calories expended in exercise, regardless of which food or drink those calories come from.

'Replacing drinks containing calories with drinks which are calorie-free can help those people who need to reduce their calorie intake.

'A range of drinks, including soft drinks, fruit juices, bottled water, tap water, milk, tea and coffee, can help provide the hydration the body needs, but bear in mind that they may contain calories if you are trying to limit or reduce your weight.

'Soft drinks, like all food and drink, should be consumed as part of a balanced diet.'



bila daun daun kering, rumput, dahan, ranting, kertas kertas bila dibakar... lalu menjadi abu.. dahan atau ranting menjadi arang berkarbon..

bila dah sejuk di campurkan dgn tanah biasa atau tanah merah ke, campur dan buat tanam pokok... cantik...subur..

Dahan yang jadi karbonize tu letak dlm pasu atau tanam orkid...menjadi sumber makanan pokok......

nota ini bukan bakar suka suka... sampah keliling rumah pokok dahan kering... jadi balance la.. bila tanam pokok menghijau daun luruh kering dahan mati, dibakar jadi baja... pusingan rantai pemakanan .....
bakar sampah bukan lah banyak mana pun asap nya  asap dari seberang lagi kuat... tapi kalau bakar bila dah malam semua dah tutup pintu tingkap.. bila malam udara lebih lembap dan embun not that bad..

Abu  ini kemudian jika di tabur dipangkal pokok bila dah sejuk memang subur.. dan siput babi dan slug/lintah bulan tidak akan datang..sebab... abu ini bersifat tajammmmmm

Sunday, 11 September 2011

cepat masa berlalu..

Masa bergerak begitu pantas, tahu tahu, nak raya. Datang raya, dah tinggal separuh..

Kegembiraan berhari raya tetap ada dinegara kita. Alhamdullillah. Dapat berhari raya dengan aman dan tenang. Tidur malam lena..
bunyi letupan hanya dari mercun.
barang makan habis takpe, pergi jusco, mydin, tesco, the store dsbnya, makanan tidak akan putus.

Singgah rumah raya makanan terhidang, palng kurang mi goreng tetap ada.
Bersyukur lah kita semua.

Berdasarkan pemerhatian pada kawan.

Bila tekanan darah tinggi dan kolestrol tinggi( pemakanan dan stress) doktor suruh exercise kerana ubat pun tak jalan.
Lalu umat seorang ini, membeli basikal sebuji. Setiap hari dia pergi jogging dan kayuh basikal 2, 3 km. Lepas tu, dia buat setiap hari kalau kayuh basikal, dia jogging 2,3 km sehari.Alhamdullillah kawan ini slim fit, takde lemak. Tekanan darah pun normal. Macam tak percaya  aja..tapi itulah nya.. disiplin dan dilakukan setiap hari sampai 5 tahun ni.

Kawan yang sorang ni sakit lutut dan tulang ponggong. Dr kata kena bergerak macam biasa kalau tak urat dan otot kecut dan keras. Lama kelamaan ianya akan mati jika hanya sakit nak gerakkan, tanpa bersenam utk stretch muscle yang dah keras tu.
Kawan ni beli basikal kayuh ke surau,ke masjid, petang petang keliling setiap hari.  Lepas tu hari hujan di kayuh dalam rumah.. Alhamdulillah senang nak bergerak dan tidak sesakit mana..
maklumlah bila kayuh basikal di luar atau didalam rumah kaki digerakkan tanpa berat, maka kurang bebanan di pikul oleh otot lutut dan tulang punggung.

Sorry tersasar tajuk..

Bila makan berselera, bila nak bersenam takde lah pulak selera dan nafsu melakukan senaman..

Ada saudara sakit keluar masuk hospital sesaknafas jantung tak fungsi sgt. Orangnya rajin.. bercucuk tanam.

Bila sakit, dia akan patuh melakukan segala pesanan doktor. Bila dia dapat peluang dia akan kayuh basikal dirumah untuk bersenam.
Ketabahan beliau sangat dikagumi. Semangat dia dari dulu: menolong orang, berkawan tanpa pilih bulu, mempertahankan igama bila org buat busuk nama igama(proaktif) walaupun dia tidak berstatus orang alim dikhalayak umum,sayang pada keluarga walaupun garang dan cakap terus direct tanpa dolak dalik, walaupun di fitnah dsbnya, pemurah dan baik hati.

Sekarang terlantar masalah jantung... siapa yang terbaca...doakanlah dia kembali sihat.

semoga kitasemua rajin melakukan aktiviti yang menyihatkan badan...

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Kalau balik kampung, tutup gas, cabut kepala nya, pasang timer lampu di dalam dan di ruang atas rumah. Kalau ada radio buruk, pasangkan pada timer..buka lah kuat cukup kalau org diluar tingkap mendengar sayup..
radio pasang selang seli diantara waktu sepanjang hari setakat pukul 730 pagi - 12. 7mlm - 10mlm.
Lampu porch bertimer .. dan lampu diruang atas 12-2 pagi..dan bawah...seawal maghrib sampai 10 mlm 
tarik langsir bawah rapat . Langsir atas renggang sikit..
kensel surat kabar, kunci paip air.. simpan kasut didalam jangan ada benda bersidai berhari hari tak angkat.
nampak rumah lak kosong..
Selamat hari raya kepada semua..pandu cermat.

Maaf zahir dan batin kepada pembaca blog ini..

Sekarang tengah risau sedara lak sakit kuat.. doakanlah dia cepat sembuh dan selamat..terima kasih.

Selamat berbuka dan berpuasa di hari hari terakhir.. dan menyambut raya..

jangan kentut kalau depan tv camera lagi lagi kalau ada microphone yang dipegang

Kadang kadang terkeluar angin boleh memalukan terutama kalau kuat dan berbau busuk...
kenalah jaga makan, makan yoghurt, antacid  nak neutral asid dalam usus..dan perut mesti lawas..

Tapi satu pengajaran,kalau orang interview atau dekat dgn camera dan anda ada sebelah menyebok...nak mengempel sama, hati hati kalau anda kaki lepas angin belakang.. bila memakai mikrophone kenit atau yang besar...
Tambahan pula jika ada yang memegang microphone yang besar  tu, ia boleh menangkap bunyi  yang perlahan dan sederhana perlahan atau berbisik...dgn amat jelas.. apatah lagi yang halus punya mikrophone..

Di bawah di ambil dari Metro mengenai pengalaman Wartawan menemuramah bekas pemimpin Libya Gadafi..
Supaya diri anda tidak dipersendakan, memalukan nama..dan .....
You interviewed Colonel Gaddafi once and he kept breaking wind. How did you keep a straight face?

"Because I didn't know at the time. The cameraman picked it all up from a little microphone on his robes. He asked me if I knew what had happened and I said no. I didn't believe him when he told me and then we listened to the recording and it was obvious. Gaddafi was actually doing it to add emphasis to what he was saying. I didn't report it for the BBC because I couldn't see how to express it in BBC language, but I stuck it in The Telegraph, which gave it the headline Warm Winds Of Compromise Blow From Gaddafi."



Amaran buat semua. Bila di periksa tongsampah di email berlambak masuk setiap hari menyuruh kita click link mereka  kerana amaran kerana penipuan.. Yang penipunya email ini, pengguna email ini bukannya akaun dengan bank ni. Selagi tak ada response, dia dok hantar setiap hari on daily basis.

Kalau anda pakai bannk online, jgn lah terus klik. Pergi ke branch anda dan lakukan semua dari sana...
Jangan buta buta aja terus pergi click tanpa usul periksa.. Selagi banyak gagak dari afrika datang, maka banyak lah puaka penipuan online ni. Orang yang terpilih untuk menjaga kita buat apa ah?
gaji buta agaknya? dah sedap sangat tak payah peduli....
wake and do your kerja..jangan biarkan orang semua asik jadi mangsa  penipuan online..
jangna habiskan masa layan orang gila nak jadi mamak berdahara punya cita cita. Tumpukan untuk beri yang terbaik untuk orang ramai. Tanpa mereka siapa la kamu....duh


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ke halnya nak suspend account yang tidak ada langsung...yang bank tersebut it mereka buat apa agaknya sebuk bertenet hal politik je ke? Face book?

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

oats untuk rendahkan kolestrol

Kalau high cholestrol tu makan la oats..campur air panas..letak madu sikit kalau nak..lebih elok  plain aja..
baca artikel diibawah..

::Are you worried about your cholesterol? Just make sure you get plenty of oats ::

BMany thanks to Dma1l

::Eating more nuts and oats – rather than simply avoiding fatty foods – could boost efforts to reduce cholesterol, say scientists.

They found a diet rich in foods known to lower cholesterol levels was more effective than cutting out saturated fats alone.

The diet that worked best in the study also included soy products such as milk, tofu and meat substitutes, while eating more peas, beans and lentils was encouraged.

Canadian researchers discovered that a six-month change to the diet could result in a ‘meaningful’ 13 per cent reduction in blood levels of LDL cholesterol, often known as ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Following the diet for longer would give a predicted reduction of almost 11 per cent in heart disease risk over a ten-year period.

In the study, 345 patients, all of whom suffered from high cholesterol, were split into three groups, one of which was merely recommended to adopt a low-fat diet that included fruit and vegetables.

More...Why eating a lighter lunch can help you lose weight WITHOUT making you hungry

The other two were advised on a dietary ‘portfolio’ consisting of specific foods known to lower LDL cholesterol such as nuts, oats, soy products and lentils.

One group was counselled during two clinic visits while the other underwent an ‘intensive’ course of seven visits.

After six months the low-fat group had experienced a drop in LDL cholesterol levels of 3 per cent.

However, switching to a diet that actively lowered LDL cholesterol led to a reduction of over 13 per cent: 13.1 per cent in the group that had two visits and 13.8 per cent for the group that had seven visits.

No quick fix: Eating a few nuts or the odd portion of soya beans won't make up for an otherwise poor diet

The researchers, led by Dr David Jenkins, from the University of Toronto, reported their findings in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The scientists pointed out that the study participants were already on modified diets aimed at improving their cholesterol readings.

Larger reductions in LDL cholesterol might be seen in people with diets ‘more reflective of the general population’, they said.

Victoria Taylor, senior heart health dietician at the British Heart Foundation, said: ‘This study is encouraging.

‘However, people need to be aware that following this type of plan in the long term takes commitment.

Eating a few nuts or having the odd portion of soya beans won’t make up for an otherwise poor diet.

‘All the people in this trial were already eating a low-saturated fat diet, and this remains our first and foremost advice to people who want or need to reduce their cholesterol.’

Sunday, 21 August 2011

dah didik dari kecil

Ada terbaca interview di akhbar omputih di internet. Ada  program anak orang kaya jutawan pergi tinggal di rumah orang yang mendapat bantuan dan dikawasan orang yang kebanyakan mendapat benefit bantuan perumahan dan lain setiap bulan. Dan anak dari penghuni dikawasan itu pergi tinggal di rumahnya selama sebulant.. Dia terkejut melihat bagaimana ibubapa yang hidup atas bantuan memberi pakaian baju kasut berjenama untuk anak anak kecil yang masih bersekolah. Katanya walaupun bapanya seorang jutawan, pakaian berjenama tidak lah diberi keutamaan dan dia tidak membesar memakai barang mahal semasa membesar menurut anak jutawan ini ..
Mainan yang dibeli playstation, tv jenama besar dan macam macam lagi..Anak anak tidak dibiarkan berdisplin dan tidak ditekankan pentingnya ilmu pelajaran..

Teringat ada saudara angkat yang kerja buruh kasar anak ramai. Dapat penempatan rakyat termiskin. Bila dilihat keluarga yang duduk disitu langsung tidak mendidik anak anak nilai nilai kehidupan baik ugama dan pelajaran.. Anak anak mereka dari yang berumur 5-6 tahun keatas bermain hingga pukul 10 malam  bising  macam disiang hari. Bukan kah menghairankan? SETIAP HARI ...
Perangai tak usah la cakap sumpah seranah..umur anak kecil lagi.. seharian bermain sampai malam...punyalah bising sewaktu meluangkan bermalam beberapa malam disana..Mak bapa tidak kesah anak  balik rumah belajar baca buku mengaji...

ADAKAH mereka ini bakal menjadi golongan yang terperangkap di belenggu miskin segalanya selamanya?

Rusuhand di England tempohari menunjukkan ada yang datang dari keluarga yang mendapat bantuan kerajaan untuk hidup harian dan tempat tinggal. Ada yang ditangkap anak jutawan atau anak orang kelas pertengahan dsb.
Barang yang dicuri, tv skrin besar, electronik, kasut baju berjenama dan handphone.
Adakah ini sebahagian culture yang kita akan bakal hasilkan bila yang duduk di pprt akan menjadi seperti di ats.. Perusuh yang ditangkap atau yang setahap  kelas minda menyalahkan kemiskinan dan kekurangan duit serta bantuan kewangan kerajaan tidak mencukupi  dan menyalahkan cukai yang tinggi..tapi mereka ini tidak bekerja dan tidak membayar cukai.. malah mendapat bantuan..

Yang kelas atasan sebab perasaan tamak?
 ADAKAH KERANA nak memaintainkan maka mereka sanggup jadi tamak merusuh dan mencuri? Iyelah mak bapa jutawan anak anak tak semua dapat duit banyak, allowance habis cepat sebab semua high class, tambahan belanja kasar dan boros, taste sentiasa mahal dan mewah...kalau dapat benda mewah percuma why not.. duit boleh beli benda lain..

yang kelas pertengahan adakah kerana terlalu inginkan benda mewah hingga sanggup mencuri.. yang dicuri kasut sukan nike adi does, etc(kegemaran gagak itam) handphone... Kalau dari kecil ada sekali merasa bahan jenama.. nak lah lagi...kalau free why not..

Yang mengaku orang susah duduk rumah bantuan dan hidup dengan bantuan inginkan benda mewah.. bila dilihat gambar mereka di cctv memang pakaian berjenama...

Ibu bapa yang prihatin, di Msia , kebanyakan mampu bergaji besar.. fikirlah berulang kali sebelum melatih anak anak memakai baju kasut berjenama seusia yang muda .. nanti bila anda kurang mampu atau bila mereka besar kelak mereka hanya reti pakai yang berjenama kerana dah dibiasakan kelas mesti ada..kalau anak anak anda menjadi kerja elok alhamdulillah..
kalau bukan rezeki dia untuk hidup seperti anda berikan, bila dia kena berdikari macam mana dia nak cope ?

Walaupun mampu, berpada pada lah selagi anak anak tidak memahami erti nilai duit dan titik  peluh.. blackberry dan handphone yang mahal.. anda mendedahkan anak anda mentality yang tidak elok kerana mereka tidak akan memahami makna hasil duit, nilai duit dan simpan duit..

Kerana hanya dibiasakan oleh kemewahan sementara.. bila mentality sudah disemaikan dari rebung oleh ibubapa, maka sukar untuk mereka menerima kenyataan hidup..itu sebab banyak yang terhanyut kerana jiwa dan iman yang lemah serta didikan yang salah...
kalau terdesak dan tak mampu apa susah curi aja.. maka kita melatih mereka menjadi seorang yang tidak amanah dan jujur dan tidak berhemah dan berjiwa lemah apatah lagi iman.. bila di uji..

Jika anda benar benar mahu mereka hidup senang, simpan duit baki dari beli baju yang yang mahal untuk pengajian mereka di universiti, untuk sakit pening. Jangan pakai kasut baju seluar segala berjenama dari anak umur1, 2, 3 tahun, bila nak pengajian tinggi kena minta biasiswa sebab takde duit lah tak nak amik loan lah..

Jika anda pasangan bekerja suami isteri dan berkelulusan tinggi setahun 3,4 kali holiday.. maka anda mampu menghantar anak belajar pakai duit sendiri(patut nya disimpan dari anak lahir lagi)..
jika anak anda da mengambil biasiswa, anda depriving atau menghalang  orang kampung yang anak mereka tidak bertuition segala subject dan tidak  bermewah macam budak bandar dari peluang untuk ke universiti dan keluar dari belenggu kemiskinan.
KERANA anak anda yang mendapat gred yang sangat cemerlang kerana mereka bertuition etc dan anak luar bandar tidak bertuition tapi dapat gred yang bagus tidak dapat menyaingi kecermelangan keputusan peperiksaan anak anak desa dan luar bandar...
sila fikir ya!

Fikirkan lah..tambahan lagi anda satu ketika asal dari kampung dan mendapat bantuan ke university dgn biasiswa.Biasiswa adalah untuk membantu keluar dari belenggu.. anda sudah keluar dari belenggu, malah hidup sebagai orang kota anak anak anda hidup mewah.. perlukah anda mengambil peluang untuk anak kampung untuk keluar dari belenggu miskin untuk belajar semata mata anda suami isteri tamak dan hanya inginkan semua untuk diri anda sekeluarga? Savings ada ..kalau tak pun mampu meminjam loan.... tapi duit tu buat pegui holiday beli keta dsbnya.. kereta besar menjalar..

Cerminkan diri... betulkah perbuatan itu?

Biasiswa hanya untuk yang tidak mampu tapi pandai tanpa bantuan tuition macam budak bandar.. bapa kerja kampong..
Gaji mak bapa memang hebat.. tapi bila pelajaran anak anak eh tiba tiba tak mampu... tapi tiap kali pergi sana melawat anak anak sampai macam balik gua musang pulak..
Kalau anda ada conscience anda tidak ambil hak orang yang lebih memerlukan.

System yang ada adalah elok dan perlu dikuatkuasakan ketelusan supaya bapa seorang ahli..... terkenal  anak semua amik biasiswa kerajaan dsbnya.. hanya kerana kedudukan.. dapat di elakkan..
Sudah tiba ibubapa yang bekerja gaji5, 6 angka tu buat persedian sebelum anak lahir congak, berapa savings untuk pelaburan pelajaran untuk anak belajar di pengajian tinggi.
kaji kos yuran, sewa, dan kalau dah mampu sangat kereta. Campurkan nilai inflasi...
Duit itu tidak boleh sentuh walau sempit mana sekali pun. Malah anda kena tambah bila lebih rezeki.
Kalau anak 5 kenalah sentiasa top up.

Kalau setiap minggu makan sana sini melayan tekak, duit tu simpan lah..belajarlah kawal nafsu. Elok untuk kesihatan dan untuk masa depan..
Jadi macam kaum satu tu, makan ala kadar.. supaya bila ada anak nak belajar rumah dah 2 bijik nak jual atau duit tu adalah bila anak nak universiti. takla melahu macam cacing kepanasan..
Hidup serba sederhana, tapi cermat. Ikutla budaya menyimpan menabung..bukan menyimpan menda menda tahyul tapi perancangan utk masa depan anak anak.
Jika simpanan dibuat dari awal anak baru lahir(duit orang beri tu simpan ye dalam tabung didik) dan duit yang diletak setiap bulan, insyaAllah bila anak dah abis spm, kalau result elok ke tak elok ke boleh lah di cari option belajar dimana dan kursus apa. Bak kata orang setakat yuran unni dan buku lepas la..
Kalau anak ramai, duit tu investkan beli rumah, kemudian sewa kan, duit sewa bulanan bayar loan. Baki pecah makan masukkan tabung anak anak di ASD etc...

Benda seperti diatas sepatutnya dilakukan kalau ibu bapa bekerja dan terutama yang graduan bergaji besar...
 Sudah tiba masanya para ibu bapa membuat azam yang baru, untuk tidak mengambil peluang untuk yang masih dibelenggu dan tidak mampu hidup mewahapatah lagi melakukan aktiviti yang memerlukan duit, serta taraf ekonomi mereka yang amat rendah(gaji kecil dan tidak tetap). Maka azam dan niat serta perasaan malu mesti ada supaya tidak mengambil hak hak yang memerlukan terutama untuk pelajaran.
Jika anda mengmbil hak mereka memerlukan walaupun anda ada kemampuan, mampu diberi loan oleh bank etc, hanya semata mata anda rasa anda tak mahu duit anda kurang dan kurang holiday, takdapat beli keta vios, mercedes, rumah di damansara, bukit .... etc..memang tak berkat...kerana diamanahkan biasiswa kepada pelajar yang benar benar memerlukan..
Tapi kerana keputusan mereka tidak sehebat dan cemerlang anak anda yang bertuition, berasrama penuh, maka mereka memang tidak dapat menyaingi  kerana mereka belajar atas daya usaha mereka sendiri dan result mereka bagus tapi bukan lah berderet deret A ...
Tapi mereka tidak akan dapat tempat dan jurusan serta biasiswa..kerana yang mendpatnya adalah yang terbaik sahaja , dimana kebanyakkan nya golongan bandar..yang mamppu, anak dihantar tuition dari darjah satu lagi..

System untuk anak bumi memang elok cuma appliksi di tahap pemberian dan syarat perlu di ketatkan.. orang besar atau tidak..kalau rumah yg tinggal bernilai ratus ribu, juta , keta mercedes, tak perlu di beri biasiswa..

Semoga bangsa kita terus insaf dan tidak tamak dan menjahanamkan bangsa sendiri..

Berdoalah di bulan ramadan semoga semua ingat dan insaf.. bukan hanya di bulan ramadan aja..

Selamat berpuasa..

Kalau nak seribu daya kalau tak seribu dalih....atas boat pun boleh tanam sayur...

Nampak kailan dan salad dalam pasu tu atas bot?/?Cukup fedup bila orang asik cakap oh tangan saya panas pokok mati.. no such think..if that being the panas sangat tangan tu, then kalau beranak anak yang diberi makan mati tak?Sedap aja beri alaasan..kalau couldnt be bothered cakap ajala malas bukan tangan panas..

Mungkin tanah diguna tak sesuai, kurang air, pasu tak ada air mengalir,  haiwan liar makan, serangga makan pucuk hingga ke dahan macam macam sebab, tapi bukan alasan tangan panas dan not a green finger.. that is way a big cakap sampah..

Kalau mati aja kena la tanya orang yang pandai bercucuk tanam... seperti memasak tiada siapa sejak dilahirkan dari keluar perut ibu terus boleh memasak hebat tanpa segala kesilapan..dan rasa taksedap.. tapi kalau praktis maka lama keamaan akan mahir dantidak kekok serta tahu apa yangperlu dan kurang..
practise and patience make a good person. Bercucuk tanam dan memasak melatih diri supaya lebih bersabar dan lebih tekun...

ni bunga cantik dalam box.. takde kena mengena dgn sayur tapi cantikk

bencana alam- adakah semula jadi atau artificial

Dalam kita bertelagah, tuduh menuduh hal kain dalam dan bak peribahasa  kata org putih periuk memanggil cerek hitam (pot kettle black) tuduh menuduh sanggah menyanggah kita dan bangsa kita menjadi leka. Malah yang diberi mandat pun sibuk nak pertahankan diri bila disanggah begitu teruk dan ada yang menyanggah habis habisan..Sehingga kita terlupa apatah lagi yang diberi mandat memerintah, benda benda yang patut di lakukan mengenai risiko negara kita contohnya gempa bumi, tsunami atau pergerakan permukaan pantai menyebabkan kita makin hampir dengan negarayang berstatus gempa bumi ini..

Kita juga hilang punca bila fokus asik lah pasal sorang hamba Allah ini yang masih nak jadi mamak bendahara.. Lalu di kisar dikitainya  keamanan dan perpaduan .. di kaitkan dan di jolok dan di canangkan. Tak cukup di bulldozekan dan di hara huru kan supaya keadaan ekonomi terjejas.. Semua ini bersebab..kerana bila rakyat marah periuk tak berasap, dia dapat lah melanyak masuk denagn segara bantuan anasir anasir .. yang digeruni kekuatannya..
Orng kita hanya nampak apa saja di permukaan..

Yang memerintah pula sibuk menepis seperti bermain badminton, Segolongan pula menjadi orang yang terpuji dan terpilih lalu menggunakan agama sebagai platform. Rakyat semakin keliru dan semakin serba salah..semua pehak orang alim dan terpuji walau semua pehak sama saja..hitam putihnya..

Keadaan alam sekitar berdekatan tidak dikesah sangat sebab rakyat tidak prihatin sgt mengenai nya kerana asik mahsyuknya menjadi ahli p0l itik  yang terkedek kedek macam itik  menyokong sapa yang paling  nampak  macam malaikat(walaupun tidak). YANG mengharukan bagi mereka yang taghu kebenaran menggunakan peluang ini menafikan mana yang benar dan tidak kerana untuk menangguk di air yang keruh.. kerana cita cita seumur hidup nak jadi pemimpin..

Yang menyedehkan kebanyakkan mereka tiada pekerjaan lain jadi sebelum pencen mati(sebelum nafas di ghembuskan bagi terakhir) mesti jadi ketua..lain lain lain cerita..Cita cita yang utama asalkan jadi ... baik kiri tengah atau kanan tepi sama saja. cita cita mengatasi kesejahteraan umum..

Dari masa terbuang dengan hal mereka ini semua, bilakah dapat pentadbir memikirkan jangka masa depan, apakah langkah perlyu diambil untuk risiko gempa bumi semakin hampir dan apa preundangan dan rangka kerja perlu dilakuikan untuk perumahan dan pembangunan terbaru.. adakah ianya mengambil kira  peraturan ketat supaya semua kontraktor bangunan hendaklah menyediakan asas yang kukuh dari gempa bumi.. dsbnya
Apa perlu dilakukan jika tahap richter yang tinggi turut melimpahi seluruh malaysia.. apa perlu dilakukan bila alunan ombak yang turut terbina semakin kuat  dan tnggi?  Apakah perlu dilakukan untuk mengawal pantai yang mencerun melandai  atau runtuh dipecah ombak?
Apakah pemmbangunan yang perlu dan tidak perlu.. bahaya yang bakal melanda jika projek diteruskan..
ADAKAH terfikir kenapa kita selalu banjir kilat? Mana air nak melimpah dan serap kebumi,. tarmac dan simen melitup segala..tiada kawasan atau pokok yang mencukupi..

Selain dari gempa bumi dan bencana alam semula jadi, kita perlu memikirkan samada adakah beberapa pembangunan boleh menjadi punca bencana alam semula jadi?

Siapa yang berhampiran dengan perairan kita dekat dengan Indian Ocean melaksanakan ujian senjata? Siapakah  yang melakukan ujian yang menggegarkan perut bumi beberapa km dibawah laut...Semua ini perlu di kaji .. tapi kita asik bertelagah.. yang bruang sekor ni pulak dia mengaku dia baik dgn kaum jadah tu pulak.. boleh lak dia bangga. dan bermuka muka pulak.. macam macam taktik di pakai.. tak cukup dia rusuh tak cukup guna la pulak serban... tolonglah ubahkanlah.. pencen dah sure dapat title dah ada.. duduk rumah berjuta juta walau bercuti di kondo sg  beberapa tahun. Hidup memang kenyang..,mana yang declare dan yang tak declare hidup hidup mereka tetap senang. Makan minum dia tak payah bayar ada sponsor...

Tapi tolonglah jangan dibakar runtuhkan satu satunya masyarakat kita ini kehidupan yang aman damai..
Barang makan naik minyak masak naik beras toksah cakap mahal, lauk asik kena belit dengan eperaih dan pemborong..

Selain dari  kita kena hidup aman dan tolak semua yang dah patut bersara umur dah 55 .. dah jadi pol  itik yang lama dan berkurap  baik yang kiri tengah kanan dan atas pagar..

Supaya kita dapat fokus untuk memaju dan membangunkan serta melindungi rakyat dan bumi kita yang Allah kurniakan.

Jangan jadi negara jiran seberang yang kaya dgn galian tapi dimiliki dan di hisap sedut keluar oleh negara terkaya didunia.. yang kurap  makin kurap maka kebajikan rakyat tak terjaga..
Jangan juga kita jadi macam ada negara rakyat hidup melarat spesis ecoli yang terkuat berbiak dari sana kerana sistem perparitan, air dan infrastruktur langsung tak ada..tapi ada peluru berpandu nuklear..

Berbalik kepada alam sekitar, ada yang mengatakan gempa bumi dan tsu nami 2004 adalah ujian oleh hamlau dari negara jadah dan terbesar didunia..Wallahualam..boleh la tanya si Mmamat yang melalok ajak orang merusuh sebab tu semua kawan baik dia.. suruh dia tanyakan betul ke kaum jadah dan si buli melakukan ujian senjata didasar laut masa gempa bumi 2004? pastinya akan dijawab tidak sama sekali..

Bacalah artikel di sini 

separuh petikannya dibawah :
:By Jason Jeffrey::

::Precautions against unconventional arms must be intensified as potential terrorists develop chemical and biological weapons and electromagnetic methods that could create holes in the ozone layer or trigger earthquakes or volcanoes.

– Former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen speaking at the University of Georgia, 1997

The devastating tsunami created December 26, 2004 by a magnitude 9.0 earthquake that killed more than 300,000 people on the shores of the Indian Ocean caught the world off guard. It was the largest earthquake since the 9.2 magnitude Good Friday Earthquake off Alaska in 1964, and ties for fourth largest since 1900.

The earthquake that struck the Indonesian island of Sumatra occurred in a location geologists know is susceptible to powerful earthquakes. The quake occurred along a “subduction zone,” in which the Indian tectonic plate is being subducted, or pulled beneath, the Burma tectonic platelet. The overlying plate jumped upward more than 4.5 metres, lifting the water above it and setting off the tsunami.

For some, the finger of blame doesn’t point squarely at nature but at top secret military testing in the waters of the Indian Ocean.

The Egyptian weekly magazine Al-Osboa claimed the earthquake that triggered the tsunami “was possibly” caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which “Israeli and American nuclear experts participated”.

An Australian researcher, Joe Vialls,1 in his article “Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?” analyses how easy it would be to deliver “a multi-megaton thermonuclear weapon to the bottom of the Sumatran Trench, and then detonate it with awesome effect.”

Days after the disaster, Canadian Professor Michel Chossudovsky wrote an article titled “Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster: Washington was aware that a deadly Tidal Wave was building up in the Indian Ocean”.2 He noted “the US Navy was fully aware of the deadly tidal wave, because the Navy was on the Pacific Warning Centre’s list of contacts. Moreover, America’s strategic Naval base on the island of Diego Garcia had also been notified. Although directly in the path of the tidal wave, the Diego Garcia military base reported ‘no damage’.”

“With modern communications, the information of an impending disaster could have been sent around the world in a matter of minutes, by email, by telephone, by fax, not to mention by live satellite television,” he adds.

Others see the catastrophe as a ‘sign of the times’ in which we live, and a portent of what is to come as the Earth and humanity experience even more changes as part of the end of a world cycle.

Natural Earthquakes

Natural earthquakes are caused by the movement of tectonic plates over the Earth’s mantle. Sandwiched between Earth’s crust and molten outer core, the vast mantle accounts for 83 percent of the planet’s volume. It is filled with solid rock but, heated by the core and by its own radioactive decay, it circulates like a pot of impenetrable soup. That circulation is the driving force behind the surface motion of tectonic plates, which builds mountains and causes earthquakes.

The destructive power of an earthquake comes from the momentum gathered when two opposing “faults” or tectonic plates that may have been locked together for decades, suddenly move apart. The result is that solid rock which normally moves only with the passing of geological ages accelerates briefly to 8000 kmh, unleashing huge quantities of energy and creating a shaking movement of up to a metre a second.

Most people consider earthquakes to be natural in origin, but what if there was such a thing as man-made earthquakes? Well, there are. There is the official version of what constitutes a man-made earthquake, and then there is a body of suppressed research pointing to a more insidious agenda.

Artificially-Induced Earthquakes

Officially, there is an area of research devoted to man-made earthquakes. Geologists and seismologists agree earthquakes can be induced in five major ways: fluid injection into the Earth, fluid extraction from the Earth, mining or quarrying, nuclear testing and through the construction of dams and reservoirs.

In fact, there are officially recorded instances of earthquakes caused by human activity.

Geologists discovered that disposal of waste fluids by means of injecting them deep into the Earth could trigger earthquakes after a series of quakes in the Denver area occurred from 1962-1965; the periods and amounts of injected waste coincided with the frequency and magnitude of quakes in the Denver area. The earthquakes were triggered because the liquid, which was injected under very high pressure, released stored strain energy in the rocks.

Man-made earthquakes may seem like something out of the X-Files, and it’s probably only a matter of time before the idea is picked up by Hollywood.

The plotline of Hammer of Eden, written by best-selling author Ken Follett, revolves around a terrorist group threatening to level San Francisco with a man-made earthquake. When asked by Salon magazine how real is the idea of a man-made earthquake, Follett replied that, “Some of the seismologists told me, ‘There’s no way this could happen.’ But others gave sad little shrugs and said, ‘It’s hard to say. Who knows? Maybe. It’s within the realm of possibly.’”

Suppressed Research:

Tesla Technologies

Born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, Nikola Tesla is one of the 20th century’s greatest scientists. A prodigious inventor of electronic devices and pioneer of free energy, Tesla never gained the recognition he deserved because his scientific breakthroughs were deemed too ‘sensitive’ by the corporate and government powers of the day.

In a book entitled Tesla – The Lost Inventions, a section is headed “Man-Made Earthquake”. It discloses Tesla’s fascination with the power of resonance and how he experimented with it not only electrically but on the mechanical plane as well. In his Manhattan lab, Tesla built mechanical vibrators and tested their powers. One experiment got out of hand.

Tesla attached a powerful little vibrator driven by compressed air to a steel pillar. Leaving it there, he went about his business. Meanwhile, down the street, a violent quaking built up, shaking down plaster, bursting plumbing, cracking windows, and breaking heavy machinery off its anchorages.

Tesla’s vibrator had found the resonant frequency of a deep sandy layer of subsoil beneath his building, setting off a small earthquake. Soon Tesla’s own building began to quake. It is reported that just as the police broke into his lab, Tesla was seen smashing the device with a sledge hammer, the only way he could promptly stop it.

In a similar experiment, on an evening walk through the city, Tesla attached a battery powered vibrator, described as being the size of an alarm clock, to the steel framework of a building under construction. He adjusted it to a suitable frequency and set the structure into resonant vibration.

The structure shook, and so did the earth under his feet. Tesla later boasted he could shake down the Empire State Building with such a device. If this claim was not extravagant enough, he went on to say a large-scale resonant vibration was capable of splitting the Earth in half.

An article from the July 11, 1935 issue of the New York American entitled ‘Tesla’s Controlled Earthquakes’, stated Tesla’s “experiments in transmitting mechanical vibrations through the Earth – called by him ‘the art of telegeodynamics’ – were roughly described by the scientists as a sort of controlled earthquake.”

The article quotes Tesla as saying:

The rhythmical vibrations pass through the Earth with almost no loss of energy. It becomes possible to convey mechanical effects to the greatest terrestrial distances and produce all kinds of unique effects. The invention could be used with destructive effect in war…

The January 1978 edition of Specula magazine ran an article describing an incredibly profound phenomenon that could be produced within the Earth by what is called the ‘Tesla Effect.’

According to the article, electromagnetic signals of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the Earth to form standing waves in the Earth itself. In certain cases, coherence to this standing wave can be induced wherein a fraction of the vast, surging electromagnetic current of the Earth itself feeds into and augments the induced standing wave.

In other words, “much more energy is now present in the standing wave than the ...amount being fed in from the Earth’s surface.” By interferometer techniques, giant standing waves can be combined to produce a focused beam of very great energy. This can then be used to produce earthquakes induced at distant aiming points.

Tesla expressed grave concerns about the effects of this technology because it is exactly the type of thing that could easily get out of control once it begins vibrating within the Earth – and it could actually cause the Earth to vibrate to pieces.

Another leading Tesla researcher and nuclear engineer, Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, lecturing at a Symposium of the US Psychotronics Association (USPA) in 1981, stated:

Tesla found that he could set up standing waves… in the Earth (the molten core), or, just set it up through the rocks – the telluric activity in the rocks would furnish activity into these waves and one would get more potential energy in those waves than he put in. He called the concept the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (TMT).

Bearden goes on to explain how TMTs worked:

They will go through anything. What you do is that you set up a standing wave through the Earth and the molten core of the Earth begins to feed that wave (we are talking Tesla now). When you have that standing wave, you have set up a triode. What you’ve done is that the molten core of the Earth is feeding the energy and it’s like your signal – that you are putting in – is gating the grid of a triode… Then what you do is that you change the frequency. If you change the frequency one way (start to dephase it), you dump the energy up in the atmosphere beyond the point on the other side of the Earth that you focused upon. You start ionising the air, you can change the weather flow patterns (jet streams etc) – you can change all that – if you dump it gradually, real gradually – you influence the heck out of the weather. It’s a great weather machine. If you dump it sharply, you don’t get little ionisation like that. You will get flashes and fireballs (plasma) that will come down on the surfaces of the Earth… you can cause enormous weather changes over entire regions by playing that thing back and forth.

HAARP: The Pentagon’s Ultimate Weapon

In an Arctic compound 450 kilometres east of Anchorage, Alaska, the Pentagon has erected a powerful transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Known as Project HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), the experiment involves the world’s largest “ionospheric heater,” a device designed to zap the skies hundreds of kilometres above the Earth with high-frequency radio waves.

Why irradiate the charged particles of the ionosphere (which when energised by natural processes make up the lovely and famous phenomenon known as the Northern Lights)? According to the US Navy and Air Force, co-sponsors of the project, “to observe the complex natural variations of Alaska’s ionosphere.” As well, admit the Pentagon, to develop new forms of communications and surveillance technologies to enable the military to send signals to nuclear submarines and to peer deep underground.

Ever since the existence of HAARP became public, a number of independent researchers have warned the operation has a secret agenda including weather modification, mind control, hi-tech military experiments, and the triggering of earthquakes.

HAARP transmissions may also be used for the detection and monitoring of electromagnetic or “plasma” phenomena, precursors of seismic activity and tectonic movement. Researchers believe HAARP transmissions are actually being used to activate or trigger exactly the same electromagnetic conditions that can cause tectonic movement...."::

Petikan dari :
There are three main types of catastrophic events we need to prepare for:

■Natural and man-made disasters – This includes things like the recent Japanese quake, tsunami and nuclear reactor dangers, and other seismic events such as mega-quakes and volcanic eruptions; flooding and extreme weather events (short-term); bioterrorism or nuclear terrorism; nuclear or toxic accidents; infectious disease pandemics, and anything else that nature or humans can dish out en masse. This can also include local or regional events such as school shootings, bus accidents, train derailments, etc.

■Geopolitical events – Political uprisings, revolutions, coups and regime changes resulting in violence and riots; invasions and outbreaks of war.

■Long term challenges – Global climate change; global economic downturn; oil, water and food shortages; massive species die-offs and agricultural impacts.

There will be disasters and events that we simply cannot fully prepare for. The biggest and best earthquake kit in the world could not help many of the dead in Japan, and few of us can outrun a tsunami or a tornado bearing down upon our home without ample warning. Nuclear explosions happen in an instant, and terrorism doesn’t usually come with public warnings that give us time to find our loved ones and protect ourselves from bio-warfare or weapons of mass destruction. If a five-mile wide asteroid hits, or a supervolcano erupts, we may have little more to do than just pray and tell those we love just how much they mean to us. There will be times that all the preparation in the world cannot prepare us for what is to come on any level. But we still must do our best. Knowledge, information and preparation have tremendous power, and should we survive, we can then do the most important thing of all… help others.
We will, no matter how arrogant we may be, never control nature. But we can control our humanity, our reactions, our preparedness, our attitudes and our behaviour. If we do not take responsibility for taking better care of ourselves, our communities, and our planet, then yes, it won’t take long before we become a big part of the Sixth Great Extinction as one of the many species that will never be seen or heard from again.

The choice is ours.:


sudah tiba kita menolak hamlau yang suka merusuh dari aktif dari ploitik   kerana dia akan memanipulasi minda rakyat yang serba simple dan mudah dikelentong.. dan naive..juga ahli politik yang tidak pernah berkerja seperti average joe.. Dia lupa krisis kewangan diaincharged  ikut arahan kawan baik imf dia serigala son etc naikkan interest rate, mana rakyat msia nak bayar loan rumah keta dsbnya syariakt tak dapat bayar hutang melalui loan , takde business ramai kehilangan kerja...dan macam macam lagi.. tapi org kita seperti biasa ada masalah memory..lupa..nyaris nyaris banyak bank bungkus dan ramai org menganggur..kalau bank luar dan syarikat dari negara terbesar masuk shopping macam beli kayu buruk murah giler.. tapi tetap org kita buta dan muliakan lagi orang yang sanggup menggadaikan negara dan bangsa sendiri...

pergi rusuh..busukkan negara sendiri.. tanpa tahu segala punca dan sejarah...bangsa..tanahair
Kita kena fikirkan masa depan anak cucu dan generasi akan datang. Jangan kita hancurkan payung negara dan bangsa kerana kita setia dgn orang yang sudah cukup masa untuk duduk dirumah beribadat..kalau nak bantu rakyat, banyak lagi chariti dan rumah orang tua yang perlukan mereka mengajar ugama mengaji dan macam macam lagi...

Kita kena bersyukur dan panjat kan doa dibulan mulia ini supaya kita mampu hidup aman dan damai, rezeki yang murah serta kita dapat melaksanakan kehidupan dan anak kita, cucu kita genrasi semua dapat meneruskan tradisi yang baik dan mulia..
Bak kata kawan yang tinggal di tempat kena rusuhan di England.. tidak pernah rasa setakut ini bila tidak diketahui perusuh ini tiba tiba muncul saja dan memecah masuk ke kediaman dan mencucuh api pada rumah kediaman tanpa sebab walaupun penghuni sedang tidur nyenyak didalam. mereka muncul begitu saja..tanopa dapat dijangka..
Perasaan takut yang amat (erie) dan pihak berkuasa tidak dapat datang ke kawasan yang dikerumuni perusuh kutu ini..
Bayangkan ..lah

Kerosakan pada nyawa, harta dan juga nama baik negara dan pelabur pun tak berani nak datang meniaga.. maka kurang lah pendapatan dari hasil cukai dan sebagainya...

tolak mereka yang mengajak melakukan kecedaraan, negative pada negara dan bangsa serta keamanan bangsa. walaupun alasannya ianya untuk membersihkan longkang dan sebagainya ..

Jangan di layan .. lagi lagi kalau keluar dari rumah rehat masuk mahligai berjuta juta .....persoalkan..


Sunday, 31 July 2011

Selamat berpuasa dan melakukan tugasan harian dengan sempurna

semoga puasa esok dan seterusnya dapat dilaksanakan dengan ikhlas dan  temengikut kehendak hukum dan syarat  syarat  berpuasa.
Semoga puasa tidak menjadi alasan untuk jadi pemalas dan alasan tidak boleh ringan tangan nak tolong rumah dan keluarga.
Semoga juga puasa tidak dijadikan untuk melayan nafsu - tekak dan perut.

Jika mengaji, baguslah.. tapi jangan guna alasan untuk mengaji dibulan puasa tuang waktu kontrak bekerja dan tak boleh tolong isteri dan keluarga...
menyalah gunakan surau sebagai tempat membungkang tidur.. lepas balik terawih tu tidurla..awal.

Mengaji boleh dilakukan jika bangun pukul 4 pagi sementara nak bersahur atau selepas subuh tu..
Kepada yang berpuasa, hayati amalan puasa ini tanpa menjadikan ianya sebagai alasan..supaya ianya membawa keberkatan .. puasa ini untuk menginsafi diri dan melatih kekuatan mental dan nafsu, supaya boleh dikawal    bukan untuk ikut nafsu...

Jangan guna cepat marah kerana amalan puasa.. sepatutnya berpuasa lah kurang tenaga nak melenting marah ..kalau boleh marah marah maknanya banyak lah tenaga tersimpan.. balik nanti jgn lupa buat kerja rumah...

Cuma diharapkan semoga yang larat  berpuasa tu lakukanlah dengan terbaik kerja harian, tambahan lagi jika kerja kurang menggunakan fizikal dan berjemur di bawah matahari yang panas..

selamat berpuasa.


katanya..."history repeated itself; first as tragedy and then as farce.(Perhaps the truth is subtler).


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

bayi yang di beri makanan yang dimasak sendiri akan lebih cenderung memakan buah dan sayuran bila besar kelak..

Bayi yang baru nak kenal makanan, diberi makanan yang disediakan sendiri di rumah dari bahan yang segar bukan dari botol, bila besar kelak akan akan memakan sayur dan buah buahan di kemudian hari..

Kajian yang dijalankan terhadap bayi yang berusia 6 bulan diberi makan  yang dimasak sendiri seperti atau dari bahan berasas kan sayuran   dan bahan bahan segar dan buahan akan mudah cenderung memakan sayur dan buah.Ini kerana tekak dan deria rasa bayi  yang masih belum tercemar telah biasa dan dapat membezakan  makanan yang berkhasiat.

Bukan susah pun, cuma perlu ada blender aja.
Rebus secawan nasi letak air 3-4 cawan didih sampai masak.
Dimasukkan frozen peas, karot, sedikit bawang dan isi ikan atau ayam.
Bila bubur dah masak dan pekat, masukkan dalam blender, kisar sampai halus.
Boleh di beri bayi makan.

Kalau nak treat sikit tumis sikit bawang, baru masukkan ayam atau isi ikan atau sedikit tahu. letak air macam buat sup. Bila dah didih, letak sikit daun sup ke, daun bawang ke, atau daun ketumbar sayur seperti karot, celery, peas.Celery tu racik halus halus supaya fiber hancur  halus..

Rebus bubur nasi kosong berasingan. Masukkan sup tadi dengan bubur nasi tadi dlm blender.. blender lah sampai halus..

Ingat kalau nak mudah satu sayur, satu protin dan bubur..itu paling asas. Bila dah besar sikit buat lah tumis sikit kuah sup nya.
kalau pakai isi ikan pastikan tiada tulangnya..Begitu juga ayam.
Bila dah letak sayuran banyak dan rasa ikan atau ayam tadi cukup manis dan lazat untuk anak anak. Tak payah letak garam ke apa apa perasa tambahan. Rasa karot dah manis, keledek atau daun sup dan daun bawang sedikit ..

Bila dah tumbuh gigi tak ada hal sangat..

Tapi bila anak anak makan benda yang berperisa bubur bercampur karot dan peas dan sedikit ayam atau tahu atau isi ikan, mereka akan dapat makan berselera. Kita pun gembira sebab anak anak di umur yg sensitif makan makanan yang berkhasiat dan sihat.

Dibawah article mengenai kajian pemakanan pada anak sedari bayi didedahkan makanan yg disediakan dirumah dapat membantu deria rasa dan selera mereka dari kecil untuk menyukai sayur dan buah buah. Anak anak ini segala nya bermula dari ibu bapa, seperti kain putih. Ibu bapa yang mewarnakan mereka..
Jadi kalau di mula dari awal mereka akan biasa makan dan bila besar tidak cerewet makan memilih. dsbnya
Kalau dah di ajar dari kecil menyukai makanan segera dimana garam nya yang tinggi, maka jangan lah sesal kemudian kerana anak hanya reti makan ayam atau sosej..
kalau parent sendiri yang latih.. kalau dilatih makan yang sihat dan berkhasiat dari 6 bukan keatas, maka anak itu didedahkan  dan dilatih untuk menjadi sihat. Maka kuranglah anak memilih nak makan cerewet..

_Babies fed home-cooked food from birth are 'more likely to eat fruit and vegetables later in life'_

Article written by Dma1ll reporter with thanks

:Babies fed home-cooked food are more likely to eat fruit and vegetables when they are older than those given meals from jars and packets, researchers say.::

Infants weaned on home-made casseroles and puddings develop a taste for what is good for them by the age of seven.

Experts from De Montfort University in Leicester, and the universities of Bristol and Birmingham, analysed data from 7,866 mothers of children born in 1991 and 1992.

The results showed that youngsters who were frequently given home-cooked fruit or vegetables aged six months were more likely to be eating higher amounts of fruit and vegetables at the age of seven than those given home-cooked meals less often.

There was no positive effect on later eating habits for babies fed shop-bought meals.

Writing in the journal Public Health Nutrition, the researchers said: 'The findings support the concept that exposure to fruit and vegetables is important in the early weaning period.'

Dr Helen Coulthard, from De Montfort University, said mothers should be giving their infants a home-cooked fruit or vegetable every day.

She said: 'The range and type of foods that young children eat is becoming an increasing cause for concern.

'In particular, children do not seem to be eating the amounts of fruit and vegetables recommended for health.

'It is interesting that feeding babies ready-prepared fruit and vegetables at six months had no positive effect on later fruit and vegetable consumption.

'It may also be that mothers who use ready-prepared foods do not eat as much fruit and vegetables themselves or are more likely to rely on convenience foods.

'In addition fruit and vegetables from packets, jars and tins are likely to have a uniform taste and texture, whereas those cooked at home or eaten raw will vary according to the variety of the particular fruit or vegetable, whether it is in season and the cooking method.

'These variations in the taste and texture of fruit and vegetables should expose an infant's palate to a wider range of experience, increasing the likelihood they will accept a wider range of foods.' ::