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Monday, 20 December 2010

food trend

::taken fr Dm many thanks - Written by Marianne Power.::

:::The latest cake sensation consists of two discs of sponge with a thick, buttercream filling.

Despite the whoopie pie’s plain appearance, it’s flying off the shelves.

Biscuit in Glasgow was one of the first British cafes to stock whoopie pies and owner Sharyl Brown bakes hundreds every week.

They’re outselling cupcakes and people are coming here to buy them especially,’ she says.

‘They’re less sweet with a balanced flavour.’

London’s trendy Notting Hill gets its first whoopie pie store next year.

More manly than a cupcake and easier to eat (no frosting up your nose), it has been compared to a sweet hamburger. What’s not to like?


Reputedly invented by an Amish wife in the Twenties as a way to use up leftover cake batter. They got their name after her husband opened his lunchbox and shouted: ‘Whoopie!’


The average number of calories in a whoopie pie - compared to 350 calories in a frosted cupcake

The recipes have become more varied, such as blueberry spice and lemon fillings or chocolate chip sponge.::::