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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

....blackberry so last year...

Bila  orang sanggup berbunuh kerana iphone, maka tentunya kerana ianya berharga, sehingga nyawa menjadi tiada harga dan nilai..
Bila orang sebut black berry etc... omputih kata.. black bery so last year... sebab iphone lagi tinggi nilainya.
Sampai kes meragut nyawa meningkat setiap hari hanya kerana mereka mahu Iphone...
so sekarang di negara barat black berry bukanlah pilihan nombor satu, kerana i phone adalah pillihan ramai...
so blackbery users...blackberry is so last year..
Buktinya kes jenayah hingga ada yg mati dsbnya kerana iphone...

Article taken dmail with thanks..

The girlfriend of a man who is believed to have been killed for his iPhone today wept as she told how their baby daughter had been robbed of an 'adoring' father.

She said she could not understand why anyone would want to kill him.

'Keith was a lovely man, he was a funny man. Even when he smiled, even his smile would make you laugh,' Miss Ramsey said.

'He was not violent, he was not nasty. I actually can't understand why anybody would do something like this to Keith at all.

'If you know anything please come forward or tell somebody, somebody that could tell the police for you.'

Miss Ramsey was speaking at a Gloucestershire Police press conference to appeal for information over the murder of her partner.

Mr Soons was stabbed in the head in Cheltenham with what detectives believe was a screwdriver-type weapon.

The 36-year-old, from Gloucester, was found in Wellington Lane by a member of the public at around 8am on February 5. He died later that day in hospital.

More...'He got away with it': Fury after thug, 14, who fractured this talented young girl athlete's skull with a brick is fined £200

Man, 26, arrested over the murder of pregnant teenager found knifed to death two weeks before her baby was due

Police today revealed that men, aged 26 and 28 from Cheltenham, had been arrested last night on suspicion of murder.

A third man aged 27 and also from Cheltenham was arrested this morning on suspicion of murder.

Speaking at the press conference, Miss Ramsey said the person responsible for Mr Soons' death had robbed their daughter of a father.

'He was a good man and the person that has done this has taken a father away from my daughter,' she said.

'She's going to miss out. She's not ever known how much of a great man he was. Never be able to see him for his birthdays or any special occasions. His family miss him so much.

'Whoever's killed Keith must be brought to justice. If you know anything or have heard anything, please tell t'Nothing will bring Keith back but the person that has done this must face the consequences.'

Mr Soons, who grew up in Cirencester, also leaves behind his grieving parents, two brothers and a sister.

After leaving school, Mr Soons worked at several places in the town, including the local council, a video shop and also ran the Wheatsheaf pub.

He moved to Cheltenham in 2005 and started working for fashion chain SuperDry, where he worked until his death.

Mr Soons' job took him around the world but he came back to Cheltenham in 2008 shortly before meeting Miss Ramsey.

They moved to Gloucester in April 2009 in time for Tilly's birth in May.

Miss Ramsey said: 'Keith was a fantastic dad, he adored Tilly. He had a picture of her on his phone, not just as the screen saver but as soon as you switch it on, before you put in any passwords her little face would be there.

Missing: As well as Mr Soon's iPhone and bank cards, his distinctive silver 'DAD' ring was also missing from his body

'It is just devastating to think he won't see her first birthday or see her take her first steps, it is heartbreaking.'

She said Mr Soons was very popular and had a wide circle of friends.

'Lots of people knew Keith or knew of him through friends, he was very popular,' she said.

'He had a few mates that were really close and those were the ones he would spend his time with.

'He was the joker of the group, if Keith was around everyone would be laughing.'

Detectives today released CCTV footage of Mr Soons on the night he was attacked.

The images show him at around 2am on February 5 walking in Portland Road, Cheltenham.

Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, who is leading the murder investigation, said: 'There are two people in this footage walking behind Keith who we would really like to talk to.

'We have no reason to believe they have anything to do with Keith's death but we need to speak to them as they may have vital information about what happened.'

The first man is wearing dark trousers and a light-coloured grey hooded top with the hood up.

Plea for information: Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson, who is leading the investigation, said that police would like to speak to two people spotted on CCTV walking behind Keith shortly before his death

The second man is broader. He was wearing a dark waist-length leather jacket and dark trousers.

Under the jacket he appears to be wearing a horizontal thick striped shirt. Both are eating from fast food containers.

Preliminary post-mortem examination results show that Mr Soons is likely to have died from a penetrative puncture wound to the side of his head.

Detectives believe this may have been caused by a screwdriver-type weapon as he attempted to get his iPhone 4 back.

Mr Soons' distinctive silver-coloured 'DAD' ring, which he was given by Miss Ramsey, was also missing, along with his Lloyds TSB debit card that was inside his leather iPhone 4 Griffin Elan passport wallet.

Mr Atkinson added: 'I want to thank the people that have called so far but we still need help with this inquiry.

'Someone knows who has done this. Someone out there is acting differently or has even spoken about that night. You have to tell us about it.

'Keith's iPhone 4, a Lloyds TSB bank card and a silver coloured ring with 'DAD' on it are all still missing.

'I am still keen to find this property so if you have been offered it or have just heard about someone who is trying to sell


Article below taken from evening std written by
Justin Davenport, Crime Editor with thanks

penyamun tarbus merampok i-phone-
Commuters were warned today to be on alert for robbers who are targeting people carrying iPhones on trains in London.

Detectives have released CCTV images of two robbery suspects after a series of phone snatches on trains and at stations.

A surge in robberies in the capital has been partly driven by the popularity of expensive gadgets such as iPhones, BlackBerries and iPads.

Experts say smart phones, particularly iPhones, are popular among muggers because they can easily be sold abroad for hundreds of pounds.

Street robberies in London rose by more than eight per cent last year, and the number of times mobiles were stolen in muggings increased by 22 per cent.

The British Transport Police Robbery Squad is warning passengers to remain vigilant after phone snatches in south London.

Detectives have confirmed that the same two suspects have struck at least six times though they suspect they may have carried out more attacks.

Each time, the robbers use the same tactic of scouting for victims on trains or station platforms. If they spot someone on an iPhone they walk up and snatch it, using force if challenged.

Police say they are investigating robberies at Catford Bridge, West Dulwich, Mitcham Eastfields and Balham between Saturday January 1 and Thursday February 10.

Detective Constable Gary Bellinger said: "We believe the men pictured in the CCTV images have snatched phones from passengers on trains across south London on at least six occasions, and we are investigating whether they've been involved in any further incidents.

"Typically they walk through trains scouting for potential targets, namely passengers talking on their phones because they are more likely to be distracted.

"After singling out their victim they snatch the phone, using violence if they are met with any resistance, before making a quick escape while the train has stopped.

"We've made enquiries and followed up on a number of leads to try and get names for these men, but to no avail so far."

Police are urging people to take simple precautions such as being aware of people around you when using phones in public.

Detective Chief Inspector Martin Ford of the National Mobile Phone Crime Unit urged people to use the security features on smart phones.

He said: "Many smart phones have very high levels of security and people should be aware of this and use it to protect their phones and the information and data they carry on their phones these days."