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Thursday, 5 May 2011

karot bukan karut...

 Kajian menunjukkan  memasak karot tanpa memotong boleh mengekal dan menggalakkan unsut anti kanser didalam kandungan karot yg dimasak secara menyeluruh. Macam mana ya nak masak karot yang panjang begitu saja.. lepas masak baru di potong?
Tapi ada jenis baby karot yang kecik boleh dimasak menyeluruh.. dan dihidangkan menyeluruh..

Tapi penyelesaian yang terbaik adalah dengan makan karot mentah.. tak perlu dimasak. malah lagi sedap.. dan manis...

baca artikle diambil dari dma1l ngenai karot...ditulis oleh .Jenny Hope. with thanks

::Cooking carrots whole before chopping them up boosts their anti-cancer properties by 25 per cent, researchers say.::

Leaving the vegetable intact prevents valuable nutrients from being easily washed away into the water, claim scientists.

As an added bonus, boiling unchopped carrots also makes them taste better, they said.

They can then be chopped up once cooked without loss of nutrients.

Carrots have long been prized for their health benefits, especially their vitamin and fibre content. They contain huge amounts of carotenoids which are converted into vitamin A in the body.

They are also an excellent source of the anti-cancer compound falcarinol.

In a previous study, Dr Kirsten Brandt found rats fed on a diet containing carrots or isolated falcarinol were a third less likely to develop full-scale tumours than those which were not.

Now, Dr Brandt and researcher Ahlam Rashed, from Newcastle's school of agriculture, food and rural development, have gone further.

They found that carrots boiled before they were cut contained 25 per cent more falcarinol than those that were chopped up first.

Cut carrots have a higher surface area in contact with the water, resulting in greater loss of nutrients compared with boiling them whole.

The heat softens the cell walls in the vegetable, allowing vitamins and falcarinol to leach out.

Dr Brandt said: 'The great thing about this is it's a simple way for people to increase their uptake of a compound we know is good for you. All you need is a bigger saucepan.'

Naturally occurring sugars responsible for giving the carrot its distinctively sweet flavour were also found in higher concentrations in carrots that had been cooked whole - meaning the vegetable tastes better.

The team also carried out a taste test on almost 100 volunteers comparing carrots boiled before being cut and some that were cut up first.

More than 80 per cent said that carrots cooked whole tasted much better.

Independent nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton said 'This is good news as boiling them whole appears to help them keep more of the nutrients.

'This could apply to other vegetables, such as parsnips which are from the same family and have a roughly similar size and texture.'

Whether to peel the vegetables is largely a matter of personal taste, she said.

'It's a good idea to scrub potatoes rather than peel them because all the vitamin C is under the skin, but with vegetables that contain more uniformly distributed nutrients it shouldn't be that important.'

However, she added that probably the best way to eat carrots is raw.::

Buat salad aja..  tak payah masak masak karot, nanti hilang vitamin macam makan hampas aja, zat semua dah larut didalam air rebusan.  Tapi jangan lupa basuh bersih  sebelum makan..